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Product catalog and product sheets for furniture
Product listing

We showcase your catalog to architects worldwide

Publish an unlimited number of product sheets in 10 languages, featuring descriptions, videos, photos, pdf catalogs, BIM and 3D downloadable files, designer references, news, press releases and a constantly updated list of resellers. All product sheets come with a request form to get directly in touch with professionals. Moreover, architects can specify your products in their projects on Archilovers: hence, you can display your products through the projects they’re featured in and create your own reference album.

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New Products 2021

Present your new products for 2021 to 1 million users

Highlight and present your new products in New Products 2021: the platform designed by Archiproducts that transforms the launch of your new collections into an immersive experience complete with images, catalogues, videos, webinars, specialised video chats, podcasts, talks, interviews, 3D and augmented reality.

Discover the platform
Sell your products to architects and designers on our e–commerce platform.

We sell your products to a qualified target

From the European to the American market, reach millions of highly-qualified architects and designers by selling on our e-commerce platform. We take care of everything, from shipping to delivery, in full respect of your pricing policy. We also promote your products with weekly newsletters and special curated shop selections.

  • Trained multilingual customer care
  • The best logistic partners and solutions for your brand
  • Made-to-order production
  • Multichannel selling
Sell online
Publish your products' BIM and 3D files ready to download.
BIM & 3D

We provide and host your BIM and 3D files

Bring your BIM and 3D objects into the projects of thousands of architects. Do you already own BIM/3D files? Choose our BIM Hosting service and publish an unlimited number of files in your product sheets on Archiproducts and in the Revit plug-in. If you still don’t have your BIM and 3D objects, rely on our BIM Design Team: our professionals will take care of everything, from the design to the online publication of your ready-for-download certified BIM and 3D files.

Get and host your BIM/3D files
Plan a multichannel marketing campaign through e–mail, web advertising, video and social media.

Advertise your brand with a multichannel Marketing campaign

From Email Marketing to Web Advertising, from Video Production to Social Media: reach your business goals online and offline with a strategic planning of services tailored to your needs.

Plan your strategy

E–mail marketing
Email marketing

Promote your products, services, events, softwares or books to over 500,000 profiled recipients.

Display advertising and banners
Display ADs

Present your brand and products with a customized communication, bring architects and professionals to your website and turn them into qualified leads.

Social media ads
Social Media Advertising

Increase your brand awareness with a Social Media Advertising campaign on the official Archiproducts and Archilovers official accounts.

Video storytelling
Video Production

Tell the story of your brand and products with a personal video storytelling.

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