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We bring your BIMs and 3Ds into the projects of architects worldwide

Get and host your BIM and 3D content

Make your BIM and 3D product files available to architects worldwide and allow designers to download and use them directly in their projects. With our professional BIM&3D Hosting and Production services, you can request your BIM/3D objects from our BIM Design Team, who will manage every step in the file creation process. If you already have BIM and 3D files for your products, choose our hosting service. After verifying your content, we certify and publish your files on, implementing your product sheets with an AR/VR viewer.

Do you already own BIM and 3D objects?

Bring your products into the projects of 2.7 million architects with our BIM&3D hosting service and publish an unlimited number of BIM and 3D files in your product sheets on Archiproducts and in the Revit plug-in. In this way, professionals will be able to easily download your content and include it directly in their projects.

Publish an unlimited number of files

Publish all the BIM and 3D files you want (and own) and let professionals download your objects directly from your product sheets. Before downloading, users fill a contact form, generating a qualified lead.

Discover our Revit BIM.archiproducts Plug-in

Through our BIM.archiproducts plug-in, architects can download up to 50 of your BIM objects a day and include them directly in an Autodesk Revit project.

Publish your digital BIM and 3D library on your website

Your BIM and 3D files are collected in your own digital library. You can choose to embed your library and a 3D viewer in your website and customize the user interfarce.

Let us test and certify your BIM and 3D content

Upon request, our BIM Team can test and verify all the BIM files you own, providing them with the “Certified by BIM.archiproducts” badge. By doing this, we’ll make sure your content meets the requirements of the current regulations.

3D Configurator: your products in Augmented Reality

With the new 3D configurator, users can configure your products in all the available variants, view them in real time in Augmented Reality and shop the selected configuration.

Discover the 3D Configurator

Boost your product sheets with the BIM configurator

The new BIM configurator allows to represent a product in all its variants, configure it in real time, download the configured file and include it directly in a project.

Discover the BIM Configurator

Still no BIM & 3D content? We’re here to help.

Our BIM Design Team creates top quality BIM objects in line with the indications provided by the most up-to-date reference standards. Plus, we’ll keep in touch with you throughout the entire production stage.

We’ve created BIM and 3D for the top brands of Architecture and Design

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