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10-12 November 2023, 11am – 3pm
13-17 November 2023, 11am – 7pm

82 Gansevoort – Meatpacking District
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Design in Puglia

The Puglia region has always been a place of natural excellence, which has grown thanks to its unique geographical position between Europe and the Mediterranean. Over time, new know-how, skills, and technologies have mixed with Puglia’s traditions, leading to new research and experimentation. The resources and techniques of Apulian craftsmanship have been enriched with new values, bringing materials such as stone, fabrics, metal, and ceramics to increasingly appreciated levels of quality and excellence worldwide.

Autentico. Design made in Puglia Exhibition

An immersive exhibition and an experience in Puglia’s excellence in Design and Architecture. Products, images and imagery present the forms, ideas and materials of Design made in Puglia, representing one of the most recognized and appreciated values of Puglia: authenticity. Design made in Puglia is authentic and sustainable because it is inherent to the land it expresses.


The story of Puglia’s Design Excellence

The temporary exhibition is organized by the Section for Trade, Handcraft & International Business Promotion of Regione Puglia, with the support of Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A..
It aims at enhancing the creativity, talent, and story of eleven Apulian companies and designers by showcasing a selection of design products “made in Puglia”.

Marra Pavimenti exhibition of handmade tiles in New York
Marra Pavimenti - Handmade tiles

The master of decoration

Marra Pavimenti was established in Galatina, the heart of Salento, thanks to the work of the Marra Brothers who learnt the art of the master decorator by mixing with water, white cement, fine marble chips or colour pigment. A mix of strong manufacturing tradition and refined, innovative design.

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Amura Lab - You can rest

Research and craftmanship

Amura Lab as the Mediterranean warmth of its territory, Altamura. It recalls the authentic beauty of Puglia and the traditional craftsmanship.  Amura is a laboratory of research, innovation, and experiments on trends and materials to create luxury Italian design furniture and sofas.

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Amura Lab exhibition of design sofa in New York
Officine Tamborrino exhibition of design table in New York
Officine Tamborrino - metal furniture

The art of metal

From the white town of Ostuni, Officine Tamborrino manufactures metal furniture for both residential use and spaces open to sharing. The brand aims to express the aesthetic values inspired by the same simplicity and linearity of the Italian design of the Fifties through the latest technology.

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RDD Italia - designs from research and materials

An innovative approach

R.D.D. ITALIA was established in Altamura and it is distinguished by an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to creating designs from careful research of pleasantness and materials. Here typical Apulian know-how meets technological innovation for a new way of designing and industrializing.

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RDD Italia exhibition of white comfortable poufs in New York
Dimarmo exhibition of marble chaise longue in New York
Dimarmo - tradition of stone working

The tradition of stone working

Based in Gioia del Colle, Dimarmo is where designers and skilled artisans come together to harness stone working traditions. Using an innovative lightened marble technique, the company offers a collection of seats, tables, and accessories made by hand, with a strong and original personality.

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Motohome - high-quality leather and fabric sofas

Luxury workmanship

Founded in Altamura, MITOHOME produces high-quality leather and fabric sofas, thanks to the use of exclusive materials and sophisticated workmanship. Each product combines creativity, high quality, and innovation that coexist with the tradition of artisans entirely Made in Puglia.

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Mitohome exhibition of high-quality sofas in New York
Affreschi & Affreschi exhibition of plaster backing wallpaper in New York
Affreschi & Affreschi - luxury Italian wall coverings

The recall of ancient frescos

For over 20 years, Affreschi & Affreschi has been working as a manufacturer of luxury Italian wall coverings and exporting its goods from Minervino di Lecce worldwide. 

From colours to dimensions, from subjects to inspirations, each design is a sartorial project tailored by Italian Master Artisans.

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Tramedipietra - flooring and wall coverings

The essence of natural marble

After 30 years of experience in the extraction and transformation of natural stones and marbles, TWS created Trame di Pietra, in Ostuni. Its goal is to propose an innovative interpretation of stone and marble: new and unique textures as exquisite surfaces, suitable for flooring and wall coverings.

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Tramedipietra exhibition of marbles flooring and wall coverings in New York
Centrino Style exhibition of corten steel in New York
Centrino Style - the beauty of corten steel

The beauty of corten steel

For 20 years Centrino style has been processing steel in Sava, where a curiosity towards corten steel arose. Its aesthetic and colors have inspired an entrepreneurial project which aims at combining the art and the techniques of the territory to produce items able to convey strong local awareness.

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Bianco Cave - extraction and manufacturing of limestone

Modern quarrying technologies

Bianco Cave by Fato Stone is well known in the field of the extraction and manufacturing of the Lecce limestone, typical of the Salento region.

The wide range of quality and chromatic tones of raw materials and the innovative operative approach are the result of strategic and industrial efforts.

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Bianco Cave exhibition of contemporary style vases in New York
Pimar exhibition of natural limestone table in New York
Pimar - Italian limestone specialist

The care for every detail

Located in Lecce, Pimar has a historical tradition in natural limestone manufacturing. It has focused on stone extraction from its quarries and its processing to create not only traditional but also technical projects, where to preserve tradition and create new and sustainable values.

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    Design made in Puglia encapsulates manufacturing excellence and talents from Puglia, bringing together an authentic combination of innovation, history, and traditions – elements that make our region stand out on the global stage. Through this inspiring showcase in New York, we intend to shine a spotlight on the calibre of Puglia’s brands and designers. It is an opportunity for us to promote a regional industry that has historically been a driving force in bringing “Made in Puglia” furniture and design to foreign markets. A local industry that has experienced an incredible growth over the last decade, in Italy and beyond, establishing itself as a cornerstone of Puglia’s economy.

    Regional Minister for Economic Development Regione Puglia

    Welcome to the heart of New York, where Puglia’s finest brands come together as ambassadors of a region steeped in tradition and passion. In the embrace of the Mediterranean lifestyle, we find a timeless wellspring of inspiration, where every story becomes a design, and every design tells a story. For the upcoming show, let us celebrate not just the products, but the rich legacy of Puglia that has found a home in the world.

    Chief Brand Officer Natuzzi Italia – Chief Creative Officer Natuzzi group

    For years, we have enabled a dialogue between companies and a global network of professionals and designers. A place where brands can tell their story by sharing their products throughout our network using our digital services, hence fully exploit the potential of digital communication. Each brand can grow thanks to the authenticity of their story, their digital reality. Just as Archiproducts was born as merely an idea in Puglia, and grew to become a global benchmark for Architecture and Design. That is why we want to join Apulian companies in their story towards internationalization: because Puglia was also our beginning, but the world our destination.

    Vincenzo Maiorano

    Co-Founder & Creative Director Archiproducts

    We support Apulian companies in showcasing their extraordinary tradition but also their innovative and creative power in the U.S. market. It is part of our strategy to promote Made in Italy in these international scenarios. This project combines two essential elements for the success and growth of our design: the quality and care coming from our territory and the combination of private enterprises and public institutions. The result is a unique and authentic exhibition.  

    Trade Commissioner (Director) ICE Miami

    The exhibition AUTENTICO

    The temporary exhibition is organized by Regione Puglia, with the support of Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A..
    The project and concept for the showcase were created and developed by
    Archiproducts, together with the Italian Trade Agency and Natuzzi.
    Novità Communications is the Media Partner of the project.

    Regione Puglia - promoter of the New York's exhibition AUTENTICO - Design made in Puglia
    Smart Puglia - promoter of the New York's exhibition AUTENTICO - Design made in Puglia
    Puglia Sviluppo - promoter of the New York's exhibition AUTENTICO - Design made in Puglia
    Italian Trade Agency - partners of the New York's exhibition AUTENTICO - Design made in Puglia
    Natuzzi Italia - partner of the New York's exhibition AUTENTICO: Design made in Puglia
    Novità - partner of the New York's exhibition AUTENTICO: Design made in Puglia
    BDNY - The leading trade event for boutique hospitality design
    AUTENTICO. Design made in Puglia is a project co-finaced by the European Union